I had worked in the fast paced corporate world for more than 10 years and my two children were adults in their twenties.  I didn’t realise that during a trip to China I was going to discover a  path to a new business venture that was a return to an old and much preferred lifestyle.  Let me tell you how China reignited my passion in tea.

More than 5 years ago I travelled with my partner to China.  Whilst he was busy working, I took myself off to explore the cities of Beijing, Shanghai and Tianjin.  I was delighted to discover the countless tea shops with their own amazing and beautiful selections of teapots and accessories. Finally, I made my selection of a lovely Yixing clay tea set.  The shop owner and I celebrated over a pot of wonderful green tea.  I could not believe the beauty of the tea.  The flavours were smooth, delicate and intoxicating.  It demanded a moment of silence to appreciate the time and place of this occasion.

Returning home to the fast track corporate world and tapping back into the 24/7 electronic communication, I realised that I had to incorporate the quiet reflective tea brew back into my working life and bring the joys of this ancient beverage to our modern technically connected world.

So what are the 5 reasons  Tea Created a New Life for Me?

  1. Tea breaks are important for employees and employers.  It is a time to reflect and reconsider and calm the mind when analysing problems.  I had previously worked through many tea breaks because I would feel guilty taking time away from the computer, piles of work or employee questions.  Now I enjoy my tea breaks.  Reflection over a cup of tea often provides solutions or opens my mind to other options.  So it is beneficial for the company and the employees.
  2. Tea needs to be appreciated as value adding to our business and personal lives.  I want to be part of an increasing tide of public appreciation and bring these amazing teas to Australia for everyone to enjoy.
  3. Tea should not be valued as a commodity but as quality and artistic work from a skilled tea master.  I love taking the perception of tea as a commodity to an appreciation of the artistry and skill of the tea master.
  4. Tea Time at home is the moment to appreciate, contemplate, reflect and redefine your perspective.  It helps acceptance of events in your life. Tea calms my mind, warms my soul, clears my thinking, and reminds me to appreciate the precious and giving nature of the tea leaves.
  5. Tea is naturally healthy with antioxidants and amino acids, which offers many benefits without additives or substitutes or gimmicky names.  Choose the one you enjoy, knowing it is beautiful for your body and mind.

Finally, the tea industry has opened up some wonderful friendships.  Lucky for me I get to do business with these new found friends.

Watching the amazing transformation of the tea leaves

Watching the amazing transformation of the tea leaves