aftrnoon tea2015 is already shaping up to be an exciting year here at Cuppa Cha HQ.  We are pleased without a do to share with you our first installment.  From February this year we will be launching our beautiful Afternoon Tea series at our Camberwell Teashop.  For pure decadent enjoyment we will be partnering up with our foodie friends for guest tea and food pairings. To launch our series, we have selected delectable chocolates from Tad Lombardo of Cioccolato Lombardo. We will be serving Tad’s chocolates with our delicious house-made sandwiches, scrumptious sweets and of course our beautiful loose leaf teas.  (Have we got your tastebuds watering yet?)

We are constantly asked what the difference is between “High Tea” and “Afternoon Tea”. And I have noticed nowadays we use the terms interchangeably, but there is a distinct difference. It is thought during the early nineteenth century, the Seventh Duchess of Bedford was suffering from pangs in her stomach due to the long hours between the two standard main meals of the day – breakfast and late dinner.  (Poor thing!) So she started taking time out of her hectic schedule to enjoy tea and cake in the afternoon as a way to settle her hunger until dinner was served.  She invited her friends to join her and the trend quickly caught on.  There is also research to suggest this afternoon meal break was adopted earlier in Europe, but the duchess’ story had a cute antidote for our blog.  Either way, history has shown that this tradition has been easily adopted and afternoon teas (or “smokos”) have become an addictive way to break up the working day.  Afternoon Tea is traditionally served as sandwiches, sweets, scones and of course complimented with a good pot of tea.  It is also called “Low Tea” because of the lounge chairs people sat on, and to differentiate this meal from High Tea, where people sat at high tables and chairs.  High Tea came about as a meal for the working class when they finished their hard day’s work, and was distinguishable from the higher social classes’ late supper.  High Tea also included hot food as a more nourishing meal.  Nowadays we have abbreviated this to simply “tea” or “dinner”.

I have also recently discovered another term “Elevensies” which is the mid-morning tea and sweet break we crave to help us through the morning slump at work.  (Any excuse for a good cuppa is a good excuse for me!)

For me, the tradition of Afternoon Tea reminds me of my grandmother who would serve up afternoon sweets and sandwiches to us as kids. And it is this tradition that I wish to offer at Cuppa Cha. (Tania, Cuppa Cha Founder)

Please join us at Cuppa Cha for a traditional Afternoon Tea.  Bookings will be available from 2pm Tuesdays – Sundays, with last bookings at 4pm.  We are currently taking reservations for February 2015.

With our BYO license, you are more than welcome to bring a bottle of sparkling wine to share with your table*.

We look forward to sharing a cuppa with you this year: morning, noon or at afternoon tea.


Reservations can be made at: or 0420 799 927.

Afternoon Tea: $45 per person

* We require 24 hours notice for reservations
* Please let us know of any dietary requirements at time of booking
* $6 corkage fee applies per bottle