dadMy father taught me how to make English style tea.  He would tell me stories of swinging the billy to make tea when he was a jackaroo in outback Australia.  In my family all the men prefer tea over coffee.  So why should I have been so surprised by the number of men who shop at our stand at the Prahran Markets or buy from our online tea shop.

Men were the majority of my clients at the largely successful Sydney Tea Festival.  More than 5,500 people attended and there was an even split between males and females.  Perhaps it is the television ads that show women sitting and enjoying tea that had altered my opinion.  Advertising can greatly influence our perceptions and buying decisions.

Through many conversations I have found men of all ages and backgrounds enjoy tea just as much as women and for all the same reasons – unplugging from the world, taking care of their health and the wonderful variety of flavours.  Also it is apparent that tea time is an important part of their relationship with their wives, girlfriends or partners.  It is the time to relax together while enjoying a cup of tea with meals such as weekend breakfast or after the evening meal. Not surprisingly, it is also the man who will look for the very best quality tea to enjoy.

Tea has always been considered an important part of gift giving.  It is considered thoughtful and caring gift.  Father’s Day is very close.  Why not show the man in your life how much you care for his mental and physical health, consider a special quality tea such as Classic Taiwanese Tung Ting Oolong or Golden Buds a splendid Yunnan Gold black tea or carefully hand rolled Young Xia green tea.

Happy Father’s Day xx

grandfather and grandson