As I prepare for my next trip to Taiwan to catch up the tea community of growers/manufacturers, scientists (yes tea is taken very seriously), professionals and enthusiasts, I reflect on my journey to this point.

It has been wonderful to receive the support of my family and friends (new and old) with messages and photos of their tea experiences.  Photos from China standing next to a massive teapot, green tea adventures in Japan, some wonderful tea cafes in London and best of all Disney Tea Shop in Harrods.  Words of encouragement come from many customers that are tired of not receiving the same level of quality or enthusiasm for tea service in cafes and restaurants as the coffee drinkers.

Over the next couple of weeks I will be picking/making different styles of tea, studying the baking processes and the changes of natural compounds to tea during each different process, cupping hundreds of different types of tea at different stages of the process and reviewing current research into health benefits associated with tea.  Also I will be enjoying a laugh and exchange of ideas with other tea professionals from Europe and America over a good cuppa.

I was sent a very good article recently on Deliberate Slowness and whilst it was based in theatrical context the author did transfer the thoughts to our everyday life and the interaction with people around today.  The following three quotes from the article represent some of my own thoughts in this increasing electronic world.

The practice of sustained attention and connection functions in opposition to a culture that is endlessly interrupted with the narcissism of selfies and the bombardment of reports from the ongoing narrative of one’s life.

Deliberate slowness, and the uninterrupted connection that can result, allow us to register multiple layers of time, history and motion.

Perhaps slowness has become a radical act in our culture.  Perhaps sustained connection is also an act of tempering violent impulses.

I am personally enjoying the new electronic world as it rolls out with more and more options for us to connect and reconnect in a different way with old and new friends.  However, I feel that it should be balanced with old ways of connecting.  We should never forget to have meaningful connections with this beautiful world that we habitat.  If you want to read the article in full Submitted by Anne Bogart

disney photoI look forward to bringing you lots of stories over the coming weeks.  Until I return keep up to date with Cuppa Cha on facebook or Instagram @cuppachalooseleaftea for photographic updates of my activities.

Happy Sipping in Harrods Disney Cafe (photo supplied by Kara in London