I am very excited as it is one week away from the Sydney Tea Festival.  It is amazing over the last few years how the speciality tea industry has grown in Australia.  However Europe and America have accepted the benefits of speciality tea at a faster pace.  Even though Australia has been a tea drinking nation and a country of early adopters for new ideas, it is surprising how slow we have been to embrace good quality speciality tea.  We have easily accepted paying more for coffee and expect to receive a great coffee in return.  Coffee drinkers would never return to an establishment that gave them an instant coffee or bad coffee.  So why are tea drinkers served tea bags or poor quality tea?  It is no wonder tea drinkers don’t feel they receive value for money or a quality tea experience.  The majority of tea drinkers consider their own home is the best venue for a tea experience.  This state of affairs need not exist for the tea drinker!  It is not difficult for café establishments to serve a great tea.  Good tea suppliers will offer tea training and guidance on the various teas available.  As the demand from consumers grows then we should see more cafes taking care of the tea drinker.  Hopefully, the Sydney Tea Festival will enlighten the hospitality/catering industry to the untapped market available to them – TEA DRINKERS!


Jeff and I loFB WINE GLASSok forward to sharing our tea stories in China and Taiwan with fellow tea drinkers in Sydney next Sunday.  Every tea has a story! We are offering two beautiful Taiwan Oolongs for tasting in new and interesting ways – the beautiful Pouchong.  It is the lightest of the Oolongs at only 8-12% oxidised.  Sometimes it is mistakenly labelled a green tea but it does not have the vegetativeness of a green tea.  Pouchong has light floral notes and a rich, sweet, mild taste which is distinctive to Oolongs.  The most famous of the Pouchong come from Pinglin near Taipei in Taiwan.  The second is FB-27 – a wonderful Formosa Bonita from MingJian, Nantou, Taiwan.  It is the beautiful red coloured liquor with malty sweet with layers of floral/fruity taste. It is 85-90% oxidised in strip type rolled leaf.



Jeff Roberts and Tania StaceyI founded Cuppa Cha with partner Jeff Roberts to follow our passion of establishing loose leaf tea as a market leader in the beverage of choice for comfort, relaxation and health.  Tea drinkers deserved to be recognised as valuable customers who desire to be given a quality tea experience equal to the coffee or wine consumer.  I love spending time with the Tea Masters listening to their stories over a freshly made cup of their best tea.    It is the true tea masters that have taught me “good tea is to encounter… you don’t pursue after”.  So I keep on drinking to “encounter” good tea.



Sydney Tea Festival – 17th August, 2014

The Blacksmith’s Workshop at Carriageworks
245 Wilson Street Eveleigh